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Keep your members happy and engaged with Spream.
Activity reservations made easy

Your clients can find and book activities easily through your mobile app or directly on your website.

  • Activities Booking
  • Private App
  • Recurring Activities
  • Waiting Lists
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Stream live trainings

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Record and sell content

Record your trainings and offer them on-demand. Manage visibility of your content for specific customer groups.

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Manage access and roles

Give your clients access to their membership area where they can find everything in one place.

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What´s inside?

It includes everything you need to build an engaging experience for your clients.
Easy reservations
Your clients save time by booking your activities via mobile app.
Mobile Notifications
News, updates and changes via mobile push.
Private Mobile App
Have a mobile app for booking from anywhere.
Credits & Subscriptions
Allow your clients to pay for activities with credits or subscriptions.
Online Dashboard
Manage your activities, reservations, members and trainers in one place.
Web Integration
Enable your clients to book activities from your website.

Give your clients
more comfort

Use Cases

Explore ways to use Spream
Sport & Fitness

Sell live online and offline trainings, live streams or recorded content.

Coaching & Consulting

Create a membership area for your customers and make it easy to book workshops and sessions.

Customer Engagement

Create a membership area for your customers help them discover ways how to use your products

"Spream made our lives easier thanks to clear and fast management of trainings and members. It also made it easier for our members to sign up for trainings via the mobile app, thanks to which we also got rid of paper form of season tickets."
Milan Micuda
Unbroken Gym
"Spream allows us a perfect overview of reservations for individual lessons, simple management of the schedule, sold products and monthly summary of transactions in cash desk."
Matus Dudik
Good Vibes CrossFit

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