Bulk import

Bulk import allows you to bulk create users from a list stored in a CSV file.

Admin can import users in bulk in the Users section by clicking the import users icon.


After clicking, a window will appear where you need to insert a CSV file with a list of users you want to import into the system. You can download the sample file here. Explanation of columns in the file:

  • firstName (required) - The first name of the user
  • lastName (required) - The user's last name
  • email (required) - The email address of the user to whom they will receive the activation email and with which they will log in.
  • role (default: Member) - Represents the role of the user within your gym. Can contain values - Member, Admin, Trainer.
  • credit (default: 0) - Number of credits
  • subscriptionStart - The start date of the season ticket
  • subscriptionEnd - End date of the season ticket
  • subscriptionEntries - Number of entries remaining on the season ticket
  • subscriptionEntriesPerDay - Maximum number of bookings per day via season ticket. Blank field = unlimited number.
  • The file must be saved in CSV format. You can then upload this file to the open bulk import window.

Each imported user is created with an unconfirmed status and the system sends an email to the specified email address with a link to complete the registration. After completing the registration, its status will change to active and it can log in to the system using its email and password.


Bulk import is ideal to use when switching from another reservation system or if you have an existing list of users.

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