Manually create a user

The trainer or admin can create a user profile and set a role within the system.

The advantage of creating a user manually is that as an admin or trainer you can work with the user immediately after creation. For example, you can sell him a season ticket, credits, make a reservation for an activity, and more.

You can create a user by clicking the Create User button at the bottom of the Users section.

When creating a user, it is possible to set:

  • virtual - user who exists in the system but does not have the ability to log in. This is an ideal choice if the user does not want to use the Spream system and the admin still wants to register it.
  • role - defines the user's position in the gym. Each user can have one of the roles: member, trainer, admin. The member can browse and book available activities. The trainer can manage the whole gym except for viewing statistics, general settings and cannot create a user with a role other than a member.

The classic user is created with the status unconfirmed and the system will send him an email with the link to complete the registration to the specified email address. After completing the registration, its status will change to active and it can log in to the system using its email and password.

The virtual user is created directly with the status active and since he does not have an email address, he will not receive an email to complete the registration.


  1. Admin can work indefinitely with a user who has an unconfirmed status.
  2. If the user does not receive an email with a link to complete the registration, you can resend the email by clicking the Send activation button in the user's details.

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