Creating an activity

An activity is an entity (such as training) that your gym members can book. The activity can be repeated or one-time.

You can create an activity in the Activity Planning > Create Activity section. When creating them
it is possible to choose whether the activity will be repeated or one-time.

Recurring activity is a template based on which the system automatically generates activities. The template, as opposed to a one-time activity, contains a list of days of the week in which the activity takes place, an indication of how many days in advance the activity is to be generated and an indication of its first occurrence.


We will create a recurring activity with the following values:

  • Days of the week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Generation in advance - 14 days
  • First occurrence - 11.09.2020

According to such a template, the system will automatically generate activities that take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and these activities will be available for booking 14 days in advance, with the first generated activity being 11.09.2020 (i.e. Friday).


  1. The generation of activities will take place for the first time when creating a template (recurring activity) and then every morning at 02:00 the system will generate additional activities so that the condition is met that the activities are available for the required number of days in advance. Generating recurring activities can be paused and restarted.
  2. If you edit a template, the activities that were generated from it will also be edited.

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