Sale of credits and season tickets

The trainer or admin can sell credits or season tickets to any of the users.

There is also a cart icon in all places where the user is located (eg user list, reservations, etc.). After clicking on this icon, you can choose whether you want to sell credits or season tickets to the user.


When selling credits, you have default amounts, but you can enter your own number of credits as well as the ratio to the real currency. You can find more about credits in the article Credits.

When selling a season ticket, you can combine any season ticket or choose from the default season ticket templates. You can find more about season tickets in the article Permanents.


To speed up the sale of season tickets, we recommend that users create templates. When you sell, you select a template (for example, a 30-day season ticket) and the system automatically pre-fills all the fields according to the template. Templates can be created in the Settings > Permits section.

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