Product Updates

Product updates directly from the product team

Members can manage profiles for other members

Users can now manage profiles for other members e.g. for their colleagues, family members or children. By clicking on add new user, members can request to manage other members profile or create sub-account without new email address for example for their kids.

List profiles of members and trainers on pages

You can now easily create sections with profiles of trainers and other community members on your pages structure by category and more. This is use full to help your members understand who is who in your membership area and also to open up valuable opportunities for networking and engagement.

Short bio, position and social links fields in member profiles

Your members can now add bio and position to their member profiles, which is useful for your trainers and even more important for networking pursposes if you build a community with published member profiles.

Internal notes visible on bookings

We have made internal notes visible on the list of registered members. That way you trainers have all information they need about people registered to their training which helps them to get ready for sessions.

Add subject to notifications

Little improvement to our notifications. You can now set a subject to your notification which enables you to make your notifications more to the point which can lead to higher open rates.

Embed Zoom Streams to Activities

Stream Zoom sessions to your members. Members can buy access to your streams and watch inside of the membership area.

Community name in page title

The page title will now show your favicon and community name.

Set content filter and sorting for each page section

For each section you create on the pages in your membership area you can now set how the content should be sorted. Current choices are latest, upcoming, most popular.

Manage pages and sections in mebership area

Create pages for your membership area and structure your pages using sections. Each section can pull content of your choice. For example categories, activities, content and more.

Flexible membership pages with horizontal sections

We have launched a new design for the membership area. The two column design were replaced with horizontal content flow and various section types such as sliders, category teasers and more. It similar architecture like you already know from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Sell gift cards

Your members can know purchase gift cards which they friends can use to buy products and services in your membership area.

Create and offer discount codes

You can now create discount codes which can be applied to any of your products.

Make content and activities visible only for members from specific categories

You can now decide which members can see which content or activities.

Add content and activities to multiple categories

Each content and activity can now be added into multiple categories

Sell membership content

Spream now supports not only trainings and activities but also membership content like recorded trainings and more.

Chat in Live Stream

Allows attendees of live stream sessions to chat with each other or with your trainers.

Sell credits to members

This feature makes it easy for you member to buy credits and then use those credits to buy trainings, products or services.
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